North East Ambulance Headquarters Window Film Solution


North East Ambulance Headquarters


To reduce the temperature and glare on the south side of the building and to prevent heat loss from the north side.


Tintfit were contacted by the environmental sustainability manager at the North East Ambulance headquarters, they had a number of problems the biggest of which were the unstable temperatures inside the building. The south side of the building was suffering from sweltering temperatures and glare issues whilst the north side of the building was very cold due to heat escaping through the windows. These problems were resulting in huge heating and air-conditioning costs with little effect on stabilising the temperature of the building.

After assessing the building and a number of meetings Tintift recommended a Sputtered Neutral 35 for the south side of the building. With this film the look of the building was not greatly affected from the outside but the heat coming in through the windows would be reduced by 66% as well as the glare being reduced by 63%. For the North side of the building Tintfit recommended a very light insulation film to help the heat loss this reduced the “U” Value to 4.5 which resulted in a heat loss reduction of 23%.

The environmental and sustainability manager then decided to trial what Tintfit had recommended on 1 floor of the 3 floor building. Within a month she was so impressed with the results the other 2 floors were to be completed. In total we installed 630 square metres of film to the south side and 255 square metres of film to the north side of the building. Our fitting team quietly worked around a busy ‘999’ call centre whilst installing this. They have since had huge reductions in energy costs and the building has had a much more stable temperature.

Why did the North East Ambulance Headquarters choose Tintfit?

“The temperature on the south side of the building was unbearable but the north side of the building was freezing cold because of the heat escaping through the windows so we decided to look at our options to combat both problems. We came across Tintfit, and after a successful meeting we decided to trial their recommendations on the first floor of our building. We could feel the difference straight away and within a month we gave Tintfit the go ahead to complete the rest of the building. The fitting team worked quietly around our busy call centre staff while installing the film. Thanks Tintfit, we could not be happier with the results .”

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