Anti-Graffiti Film For Windows

Our anti-graffiti window films have been specifically designed for protecting glass and other flat surfaces against accidental or deliberate damage. When glass is damaged it can be very expensive to replace. The use of anti-graffiti film will reduce the need for replacement glass, not only saving you huge amounts of money but also be saving you the time involved in ordering and fitting the new glass. Anti-graffiti film can easily be installed onto your new or existing glazing and if damaged can easily be removed and replaced by returning your glazing to the same condition as the day the film was installed.

The most common places for the install of anti-graffiti film amongst others are;-



Maintenance of glazed surfaces in public and private spaces that are affected with acts of vandalism such as graffiti or tagging can rapidly become a source of considerable expense.

Tintfit Anti-graffiti window film is an ally of choice in the effort to provide cost-effective and efficient protection.

A scratch-resistant coating provides added protection against light surface scratching, as well as against certain inks or paints that can be wiped away using alcohol without fear of damaging the film. A considerable advantage of these films is that, even if tags resist all attempts at removal or scratches prove too deep, the whole film can be removed and replaced without the need for further costly interventions.

What is more, these films are certified M1 fire-resistant, able to withstand considerable exposure to flames and will hold shattered glass securely in place in case of impact.

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