Energy Saving Window Film Installation

Whilst one side of your building can suffer from huge solar heat gains the opposite side of the building can be suffering from heat loss.

Tintfit’s range of Low E coated insulation films, can offer the benefits of solar films by reducing incoming solar heat and glare in the summer, whilst also reducing the heat loss through glass in the winter by up to 30%.

These films have a reflective finish and can range from being very dark to give a level of privacy to very light and virtually undetectable once installed.

These films can achieve energy cost savings of over 10% and have a typical payback of 3-5 years!

Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation

Now more than ever before, energy savings, insulation and reduction of CO2 emissions are items at the top of every agenda.
With the help of an infrared camera, Tintfit has been able to determine the degree of heat loss through glass. As a result it has also observed the significant insulation properties of its thermal insulation films.

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