Installing Reflective Silver 05 & Reflective Silver 20 To A Conservatory In Suffolk

We were contacted by our client who wanted to add some privacy and reduce the heat and glare coming in to their conservatory but still wanted to be able to see out of their conservatory windows. Tintfit recommended using our Reflective Silver 05 film for the conservatory roof because this film is great for rejecting heat and glare as it reduces the heat by 91% and glare by 96%. Tintfit also recommended using our Reflective Silver 20 film for the conservatory windows because this film still allows one way vision, where during daylight hours you can see out of the windows and anyone on the outside looking in will be met with a mirror image. It also rejects heat by 79% and glare by 83%. We sent the client some samples of the film and they decided to go ahead with our recommendation.  Tintfit applied our Reflective Silver 05 film to 16 panes measuring approximately 25 square metres of glass and applied our Reflective Silver 20 film to 18 panes measuring approximately 14 square metres of glass.

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