Bernicia – Ashington, Northumberland




To reduce the heat and glare inside the atrium.


Tintfit were contacted by the managing director of Bernicia. They were having issues with the heat and glare inside their atrium and wanted a long lasting film to address these issues. After assessing the building and several meetings Tintfit recommended an External Reflective Silver 15 10 Year film due to accessibility inside the premises and because it was a film with a high heat rejection and comes with a huge 10 year external warranty which is the largest warranty available worldwide for external films. With this film the heat and glare coming in through the windows would both be reduced by 86% as well as blocking out 99% of UV Rays .

The managing director decided go with Tintfit’s recommendation and the External Reflective Silver 15 10 Year film was applied to over 50 large panes of glass.


The heat inside the building was dramatically reduced making the offices inside more comfortable and workable and the managing director was delighted with the performance of the window film.

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