External Spectra 78 Prestige Film Installation


JD Sports


To reduce the glare inside the building and to prevent fading of stores merchandise.


Tintfit was contacted by the area manager of JD Sports. They were having issues with the heat inside their new flagship store on Northumberland Street in Newcastle Upon Tyne. They also expressed their concern over the potential fading of the clothes on sale as well as the clothes on the display mannequins as they were in direct sunlight.

After assessing the building and a number of meetings Tintfit recommended an External Spectra 78 Prestige film due to accessibility inside the store and because it was a light film with a high heat rejection. With this film, the look of the building was not greatly affected because the film is virtually invisible but the heat coming in through the windows would be reduced by 49%.

The area manager decided to go with Tintfit’s recommendation and the External Spectra 78 Prestige film was applied to 16 very large panes measuring approximately 148 square metres.

Why did JD Sports choose Tintfit?

“We opened our new store on Northumberland Street in Newcastle Upon Tyne in August 2015 and we received several complaints from customers that the store was too hot. We also noticed that some of the clothes on display had begun to fade due to being in direct sunlight. We contacted Tintfit and a representative came out to see us on the same day. He recommended that we use an external specialist film because it is a light film with a high heat rejection. Tintfit installed the film outside of normal working hours and the work did not cause any disruption to the day to day business of the store. We could see and feel the difference the film made within days, I am so pleased with the results I have recommended Tintfit to our other branches nationwide. Thanks once again.”

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